Surgical Dermatology

At Alabama Dermatology, our providers and dermatology surgeons use a variety of surgical techniques to remove benign and atypical moles, cysts, and skin cancers. We provide treatment options for precancerous growths such as liquid nitrogen therapy, photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy cream. If diagnosed with a skin cancer, we can recommend the right treatment plan for you, taking into account your skin cancer type, size and location. Some of our skin cancer treatment options are highlighted below.

CURETTAGE - In curettage, superficial, uncomplicated non-melanoma skin cancers are removed by scraping the affected area with a spoon-shaped instrument called a curette. After it has been scraped, the wound typically is cauterized to increase the likelihood for successful treatment and to minimize bleeding.

EXCISION - Local excision is used to remove benign and atypical moles, melanoma, and other non-melanoma skin cancers. In excision, the skin cancer and a small margin of healthy tissue around it is cut out in a football-shaped ellipse. Once the tissue has been removed, the edges of the wound are sutured together. The tissue is then sent for processing and the margin is evaluated by a pathologist. This procedure is performed in our office with just local numbing of the skin. There may be some restrictions in movement or lifting if the excision is located the arm, leg or back.

MOHS SURGERY -This type of skin cancer surgery offers the highest cure rates in the treatment of basal cell and squamous cell cancers of the skin. It is recommended for skin cancers of the face, scalp, hands, feet and genitals, though it also can be used on other areas of the body. It is performed in our office by two of our fellowship trained Mohs surgeons. Please see our Mohs surgery and Mohs FAQ pages if you would like to learn more about Mohs surgery.

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